Aside perhaps from Mr. Tanaka’s Ginga Rubra, nothing is more classic Tanaka than his stunning Candletail guppies.  

Candletails were named for their characteristic caudal spot that is reminiscent of the blue glow of a candle’s flame.  Most sport a spadetail caudal, but the line throws a small percentage of pintails as well.  

Candletails express almost every color of the rainbow in various combinations.  And the line is made up of both grey and blond bodied base colors, each of which uniquely make for their own compelling phenotypes.

This collector line is incredibly versatile and never dull.  It throws a wide variety of phenotypes making these some of the most exciting guppies to keep.  

Listing is for one young adult to mature adult breeding pair (1 male and 1 female).  We always include extras as our stock levels permit.

Tanaka’s Original Candletail Guppy