This exceptionally rare, highly collectible Tanaka line was created more than a decade ago by famed guppy high-breeder Kenjiro Tanaka of Osaka, Japan.  As far as we know, we are the only fishroom in the US having the honor of enjoying this outstanding work of art. 

“Blue with Swords” was the second line from our friend Mr. Tanaka that we began keeping back in 2014.  Our first was the gorgeous “Red with Swords”.  Both lines wowed us, and they inspired us to devote a substantial portion of our fishroom in the years since to enjoying as many Tanaka lines as we could. 

This line distinguishes itself from so many others by its signature “Guyana blue spot” in the posterior body and peduncle, sometimes morphing into the “lightning” markings of Poecilia Parae.  Some believe Blue with Swords may be related to Tanaka’s killer line, “Purple Lightening”. 

Some even believe Mr. Tanaka successfully hybridized Poecilia Parae with Poecilia Reticulata, or our beloved “common” guppy, to achieve what we see in this unparalleled double sword guppy. 

Offered for sale is one young adult pair (1 male, 1 female) with exceptional vigor and their whole breeding life ahead.  Extras are included as stock levels permit. 

Tanaka’s Blue with Swords Guppy