We obtained this stock through our dear friend and renowned breeder, Jack Schendowich of Florida in Spring of 2017.  A wonderful backstory accompanies these little gems. Jack tells the story best. In his own words in a 2/25/2017 Facebook post, Jack writes:

“About two weeks ago I was on messenger with my friend Gary Lee in Taiwan talking about a cross I was thinking of and he suggested I look for Santa Maria bleeding heart endlers to make the cross. I called Alan Bias to get his opinion because if anyone knows about the genetics of guppies it's Alan. He said that my cross should work. Now to find the fish. I called my friend Joe Mason to see what he thought and he said "get in touch with Claus Osche in Germany. I messaged Claus and he had the SMbh's. I asked if he was going to the meeting and show in England which was last week and he said no but Ralf Loch (also in Germany) was. I asked if he could get the fish to Ralf. He said he would have to overnight them and he would ask Ralf to take them to the show. I called Joe back because I knew he was going to the show and asked if he would get the fish at the show and bring them back to the USA for me. He said he would try. 

Yesterday I traveled 300 miles round trip to Joe's house to get my Santa Maria bleeding hearts. All I can say is you guppy people are crazy as hell and the worst part of the story is I resemble that remark.”

Enormous thanks to Jack for providing us with the best possible stock to start our Santa Maria Bleeding Hearts!

Santa Maria Bleeding Heart Endler Hybrid