This gorgeous gold-bodied lyretail guppy line is simply nothing short of a stunner in the display tank. Throwing a portion of double-swordtail caudals in addition to lyretails, these medium to large bodied show-offs typically have orange swords edged in contrasting blue. Red Gold Japanese Lyretails express coral red, golden yellow, sherbet orange, fuscia and even warm purples in exceptional specimens. Their bold orange dorsals are often accented with a checkerboard pattern, making these fish truly have it all. The line’s origin comes with some controversy as to its original breeder. Kenjiro Tanaka is believed to have created the strain, while more recently Adrian Hernandez has also claimed the line as his creation. In any case, this is a long-standing classic line that has been around for many years - and for good reason!  Click here for video of this same population taken about 5 years ago.   Listing is for one young adult to mature adult breeding pair (one male and one female). We always include extras as our stock levels permit.

Red Gold Japanese Lyretail Guppy