With its ancestral origins in France and the Netherlands, this polychromatic top swordtail guppy simply wows with its brilliant platinum radiance of a rainbow palate.  Medium-bodied, the more mature specimens sport long, dramatic top sword extensions that are edged in striking black contrast.  Many predominantly express pinks, purples and fuscias, while others also show striking orange sherbet spots within an all-over mint green body hue.  Females have blue or pink base body color with a robust physique and prolific fertility.

Listing is for one young adult pair (one male and one female) with extras included as stock levels permit.

We owe heartfelt thanks to the likes of breeders Bob Sturnfield, Ronan Boutot and Marco Slingerland for some of the parent stock we chose to develop these amazing top swords.

Polychrome Top Sword Guppy