A work in progress, pictured is an F3 from a cross between our regular Japan Blue with Red Double Sword guppies and a Neon Double Sword guppy line from Stephen Elliot of the UK (See third photo of these two parent lines).  We were lucky enough to obtain the latter from our friend and 2017 IFGA Double Swordtail Class Champion, Bob Sturnfield, about two years ago.  

This project is in the early stages of development, but we’ve enjoyed the preliminary results so much, we wanted to offer them for other hobbyists to perfect in their own direction.  With exceptional, award-winning genetic ancestry, you can’t go wrong.  

These produce predominantly double sword guppies like the first male pictured, although we see an occasional top sword come out as well (second photo).  The females often express double-sword rays, some with the top sword slightly extended, which is an indication those females likely carry both the DS and TS gene. 

All are extremely colorful and have the much sought-after filigree in the peduncle in contrasting yellow, green and black for exceptional pop.  

Listing is for one young adult pair (one male, one female), as well as extras as stock levels permit.

Neon Japan Blue with Red Double Swords Guppy