Our pure N-Class Red Chest/Double Red Stripe Endlers came to us directly as a surprise gift from Adrian Hernandez (AdrianHD) in early 2018. We had been in conversation with Adrian about a multitude of topics, when we shared how we sadly lost our 2015 group of Red Chests due to a tank heater failure. Low and behold we were thrilled to find a surprise package at our door put together by Adrian and his wife Yoa later that week. We wish to extend our gratitude to them for their thoughtful generosity. Adrian confirmed the origin of this population, that both what we know as Red Chests and Double Red Stripe Endlers are from the same original capture location. Years ago he line-bred each phenotype into separate strains. Adrian explained the group in this listing is from a large vat containing Endlers allowed to colony breed directly from the original Laguna la Malaguena captures in 1997, 1998 and 2004. This provides a unique opportunity to recreate Adrian’s earlier efforts at line breeding the two phenotypes. Or, you may choose to simply enjoy them in their original capture form as we have.

Pure N-Class Red Chest/Double Red Stripe Endler