A cross we have been working for several years, this is the product of our Japan Blue double swords crossed with an amazing blue snakeskin zebrinous double sword line we obtained through 2017 IFGA Swordtail Champion, Bob Sturnfield. (Please see the photo above which depicts these parent lines.)  The result is a compelling fine chainmail lace pattern of sky blue and aqua with some degree of yellow across the posterior body and into the swords. We’ve been working on increasing the sword length while removing some of the patterning in the peduncle. Many specimens are moving toward show-quality double swords with matching dorsal and more clear space between the swords. You can still expect the line to throw some variation in these traits, as well as a very small percentage of Japan blue throwbacks.  For someone like me who loves blue everything, this line is a joy to keep and never disappoints.

Listing is for one young adult pair (one male and one female) with extras included as stock levels permit.

Amy’s Blue Lace Double Swordtail Guppy Pair